Where in Sydney can you take your new boat?

If you love the idea of getting out on your own boat and exploring beautiful Sydney harbour, then your dream isn't as far away as you might have thought. Shooting across the harbour on a beautiful calm day is an absolute treat. A boat loan from AAA Finance can put you in control of your very own piece of nautical engineering so that you too can enjoy the Sydney boating scene. 

Sydney Boating Destinations

There is such a diversity of Sydney boating destinations within the iconic body of water. Cruising beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge or sailing beside the Sydney Opera House are unforgettable experiences. As a bonus, a reduction in commercial fishing in recent years has meant the water is as clean as can be. Below are our top four picks of the best spots that you can see with your friends and family.

1) Manly Cove

The iconic Manly Bay is a beautiful piece of paradise that you can drop anchor at and swim to your heart's content. It'll be peaceful and a great break from the hustle and bustle of the city. You could even wet a line and catch dinner while you're at it! A quick word of warning, be mindful of the Manly ferry which as right of way.

2) Watson's Bay

Protected coves, lovely sandy beaches and fabulous seafood make this a must do destination. Watson's Bay is one of Australia's oldest fishing villages and is home to the Sydney Game Fishing Club. The fishing club was established in 1952 and is steeped in history. Doyle's on the Beach is an iconic eatery located at Watson's bay.  Spoil the family with lunch. Either dine in or take away fish and chips that can be enjoyed on board your boat. You will be the envy of all!

3) Athol Bay

Athol Bay is located in front of Taronga Zoo and faces the Sydney harbour bridge. This bay may well be the most popular anchorage within the harbour. It is well protected with a scattering of public moorings and plenty of spots to anchor. Locals know that this is the best spot on the water to watch the Sydney New Year fire works from onboard your vessel.

4) Sirius Cove

Love your boat and your dog? Just around a small point from Athol Bay is Sirius Cove which is home to a sheltered dog friendly beach. The whole family can enjoy the day out - even the pooch! When out on the water make sure you slip slop slap and don't forget to provide plenty of water and shade for the family pet.

Ready to join the Sydney Boating scene?

Want access to all of the coves and bays that Sydney harbour has to offer but don't have the right vessel? AAA Finance is on hand to help you out with a boat loan today. Finance options include secured, unsecured and business boat loans. Quick 24 hour loan approvals, competitive rates and AAA customer service will make your finance experience a breeze.

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