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Business success depends on reliable plant and equipment.  We know that when you need new equipment, time is often of the essence.  Because of this, AAA Finance offers a quick and easy application process with most equipment loans approved within 24 hours.  This means you can get the gear you need - when you need it!

What can you purchase with Equipment Finance?

The list is virtually limitless with regards to what can be purchased using an equipment loan facility.

  • From huge earth moving machinery, mining equipment, farming hardware and industrial machinery to smaller items such as office equipment, lawn movers and shade sails - the list is endless!  If the item has a serial number, then it can be used as security for an equipment loan.
  • New or used equipment.  Whether you prefer a tried-and-true used model or its showroom equivalent!
  • Buying privately or from a dealer.  You have the option to buy from a farmer around the corner or continue your relationship with a dealer - the choice is yours.


What Equipment Finance options are there?

We offer 4 equipment loan options to ensure our customers are offered a comprehensive loan solution.  In most cases, a chattel mortgage is used to secure finance against the asset being purchased.  A chattel mortgage is when an asset or 'chattel' is purchased and used as security for finance 'the mortgage'.   Both the age of the business ABN and whether financials are available determines the type of business loan.  If the asset is not able to be secured against a loan, usually due to age, we offer a business line of credit facility.

1. No Doc Equipment Finance

For businesses who are at least 2 years ABN and GST registered whose director/s are homeowners, with previous credit history.  Income does not need to be verified with documentation. However, you will need to sign a declaration stating an estimate of net profit and gross turnover.

2. Low Doc Equipment Finance

For business who are at least 2 years ABN and GST registered.  Minimal documentation, such as interim figures, are a requirement to prove income.  This could be in the form of BAS, bank statements, accountants’ letter or profit and loss statement from accountancy software such as XERO or MYOB.

3. Full Doc Equipment Finance

For business who are less than 1-year ABN.  Full proof of income is a requirement for this type of loan.  This may be an up-to-date tax return and/or interim figures.

4. Business line of credit

This type of business facility provides an ongoing line of credit to a predetermined amount. A line of credit is helpful when an asset is older than lender requirements.  Most lenders want the age of the asset to be less than 15 years old at the end of the loan term.  So, if you are looking at a 15-year-old bulldozer chances are that you will not be able to use the asset as security for the loan.  A simple business line of credit facility could be the solution.


How do I apply for Equipment Finance?

Your ability to grow your business is not limited, so why should your options for finance?  We are committed to ensuring that - no matter what you need - we are the finance provider that will help you get it.  AAA Finance can provide you a solution for any equipment your business may require. 

To ensure you can quickly and easily apply for a loan while keeping your business going, AAA Finance offers multiple contact options so you can talk to us in a way that suits you.  To have a conversation with our finance experts call (07) 5493 122 and find out what we can do to help.  Alternatively, fill out our contact form online.   One of our friendly business experts will be in contact with you promptly.

Get Pre-Approved

A pre-approved equipment loan means that you know you are approved up to an specific amount for a particular asset class.  Before ordering a new piece of equipment or negotiating with the neighbour for their tractor have your finances sorted.  A pre-approval also helps when negotiating a purchase price.

Business Loan Calculator

Adding to our range of expert advice is our easy to use business loan calculator which can help you estimate your monthly finance repayments.  The calculator also includes a balloon payment function.  So, no matter how you want to structure and repay your equipment loan, you can get an estimate of your finance repayments.


Why use AAA Finance?

AAA Finance and Insurance prides itself on quick and easy equipment finance solutions.  Our experienced AAA Finance experts take the time to get to know you and your business.  This ensures that we can best represent you to our large panel of lenders.  We emphasise your strengths to ensure your approval has a competitive low-cost interest rate along with a tailored loan package to suit your needs.

AAA Finance is proud to be both an 100% Australian owned and operated business.   We support Australian owned companies which in turn protects Australian jobs.

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Equipment Finance FAQ's

What is equipment financing?

Equipment financing is when a business or self-employed individual uses finance to purchase business related equipment.

How do you get equipment financing?

Engaging the services of an experience finance broker who has access to a range of lenders will ensure the best outcome for your business. AAA Finance are the experts in equipment loans with access to over 40 different lenders.

Who finances heavy equipment?

There are several lenders that finance heavy equipment. AAA Finance has a team of experienced finance brokers. They will help your business access the right lender that suits your circumstances and the equipment being financed.

How long can you finance heavy equipment?

Loan terms range from 1 to 7 years when financing heavy equipment.



We understand that a business needs dependable vehicles and equipment.  If these assets are compromised, it can cost time and money to put things right.  Because of this, AAA Finance and Insurance also offers a range of Insurance products to protect your asset, your loan and your credit rating.  

Useful Link

The Queensland Government has put together a guide to machinery and equipment safety.  It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure safe operation of all equipment to make sure that all workers make it home safe each night.

Tammy Davies
Tammy Davies
27 April 2024
Excellent service provided from start to finish, Jaime kept us informed through each step. Would highly recommend. Very easy to deal with, having financed with car dealers many times, this was a seamless process and AAA ensured they secured the best deal for us.
David Marjoribanks
David Marjoribanks
17 April 2024
Jason Barry and the team at AAA Finance were great throughout what became a complex process in arranging settlement on finance for a vehicle. Jason’s continued efforts to resolve some unexpected issues and constant follow up ensured the finance settled. Without his great work it could easily have fallen over. Even the fleet company who sold the vehicle to me were singing his praises ! Thanks Jason. Will be using Jason and AAA Finance on my next purchase for sure !
Deborah Gibson-Campbell
Deborah Gibson-Campbell
2 April 2024
Exceptional service by Jason yet again. I have been engaging Jason for many years now, whenever I have used financial services for purchases and he has always obtained a great loan package for myself.
Samantha Holder
Samantha Holder
2 April 2024
Big thanks to Jason Barry at AAA Finance! From beginning to end, Jase ensured that purchasing our 2021 Jayco Work N Play was smooth and hassle-free. Even though we initially received approval with a higher interest rate, he persevered and secured a much better rate for us. He maintained excellent communication throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Jason to anyone. Thank you Jase for your outstanding service!!
Jemma Pudwell
Jemma Pudwell
15 February 2024
We have used Jase from AAA Finance twice in the last 12 months, and he has been great to deal with. Communication was great, he was very proactive especially if anything may come up and were very quick in getting it all sorted in the best possible way to suite our situation. Highly recommend and will use Jase again in the future.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
14 February 2024
Just finished my process with Ray from AAA finance. The man is unbelievably genuine and taught me so much throughout the process. This wasn't just about securing my finance and Ray showed that through immaculate service. Ray has educated me and shed light onto future projects only confirming where I'll be taking my business in the future. Absolutely phenomenal and wouldn't even consider using anyone else. Thanks again Ray!
Wayne Roby
Wayne Roby
29 January 2024
AAA were awesome at helping me out of a tight situation (and with bad credit file) ! they were friendly and quick to respond. i would highly recommend them
23 January 2024
Jason was professional, organised and very helpful in regards to the loan for camper van. I am very grateful to have spoken to someone who managed the process so easily, flexibly and was able to provide solutions. Thank you
Emily Dimitriou
Emily Dimitriou
10 December 2023
Jason has been absolutely wonderful to deal with and we couldnt be happier with his service. Top notch 😊
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