Horse Float Finance

AAA Finance and Insurance provides quick and easy horse float finance.

When transporting horses, a quality horse float is essential for the safety of your horses and for your peace of mind. Horse floats come in many different shapes and sizes and can include the comforts of home with separate living areas.

AAA Finance and Insurance can help finance everything from straight loads, angles loads, goose neck trailers and campers to the ultimate custom built horse float to suit all your needs.

Most importantly, horse float loans from AAA Finance and Insurance cover both personal and commercial uses. Whether you want to embrace the outdoors on the weekend in your own time or need a horse float to keep your business running, there's a AAA solution that can be tailored to your needs.

What can I buy with a horse float loan from AAA?

AAA Finance and Insurance can help you purchase all types of horse floats.

  • Straight loads, angle loads, gooseneck trailers and campers to custom built horse floats.
  • New or used.
  • Privately or from a dealer.
  • For private or business use.

Flexible and competitive horse float finance terms

We have access to a wide range of lenders so that we can match the best finance solution to suit your individual circumstances.

AAA Finance and Insurance provides:

  • Quick and easy finance approval process online or over the phone.
  • Low interest rates.
  • Consumer or secured horse float loans for personal use.
  • Chattel Mortgages for business use.
  • Flexible horse float finance packages.
  • Quick finance approvals - most loans are approved in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Pre-approved horse float finance.

Whatever your requirements, we have a horse float finance option to suit your needs.

Pre-approved horse float finance

Not sure what type of horse float will suit you? Get a pre-approved horse float loan today. A pre-approved loan has its advantages. Firstly you can shop within your budget knowing you have the funds approved. Secondly, it can provide you with more negotiation power when sealing the deal.

Quick and Easy Horse Float Finance

Finance calculator

Our Finance Calculator can be used to estimate your fortnightly or monthly loan repayments. You will need to input an estimate of your loan amount, loan term and the interest rate. This rate will depend on your individual profile and credit history.

Horse float insurance

Insurance products can offer protection for both your newly purchased horse float and your loan. Gap insurance and loan protection insurance are products that safeguard your credit rating and your loan. Comprehensive insurance and extended warranty insurance products protect your new horse float.

Contact us today to arrange an insurance quote. Compare and save with AAA!

Apply today for horse float finance

Make a quick loan enquiry online today. One of our experienced staff will contact you soon after your lodged your query.

Call today on (07) 5493 1222 to speak with one of our horse float finance specialists and experience the AAA difference.

How to buy a horse float

While you might be experienced with buying used cars, motorbikes and trucks, do you know what to look for after applying for a horse float loan? These aren't like other vehicles, and have their own set of unique features that need to be examined for making a purchase.

With a pre-approved horse float loan from AAA Finance and Insurance, you can find your ideal horse float with confidence. Here are some things to keep in mind:

One of the key things to look out for is safety features. These vehicles have their own unique set of options that you might not be able to identify if you haven't bought a horse float before. Check to see if the trailer has independent brakes and heavy duty tyres to support the weight of one or more animals.

It's also important to ensure it is structurally sound. As with cars and other vehicles, check to see if there's any rust in the chassis or body before making a purchase.

Use this helpful link for more tips on finding the most suitable horse float.

Jemma Pudwell
Jemma Pudwell
15 February 2024
We have used Jase from AAA Finance twice in the last 12 months, and he has been great to deal with. Communication was great, he was very proactive especially if anything may come up and were very quick in getting it all sorted in the best possible way to suite our situation. Highly recommend and will use Jase again in the future.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
14 February 2024
Just finished my process with Ray from AAA finance. The man is unbelievably genuine and taught me so much throughout the process. This wasn't just about securing my finance and Ray showed that through immaculate service. Ray has educated me and shed light onto future projects only confirming where I'll be taking my business in the future. Absolutely phenomenal and wouldn't even consider using anyone else. Thanks again Ray!
Wayne Roby
Wayne Roby
29 January 2024
AAA were awesome at helping me out of a tight situation (and with bad credit file) ! they were friendly and quick to respond. i would highly recommend them
23 January 2024
Jason was professional, organised and very helpful in regards to the loan for camper van. I am very grateful to have spoken to someone who managed the process so easily, flexibly and was able to provide solutions. Thank you
Emily Dimitriou
Emily Dimitriou
10 December 2023
Jason has been absolutely wonderful to deal with and we couldnt be happier with his service. Top notch 😊
Katherine Menadue
Katherine Menadue
15 November 2023
I have just secured a loan through AAA Finance and Insurance to invest in an emerging business O2 for life. The whole process was simple and quick. Ray Wilson was excellent, available at all times to help with any queries. I would strongly recommend Ray and his business for any finance requirements.
Breanna Carr
Breanna Carr
26 October 2023
They are so easy to talk to, answered every question I asked no matter what question it was and they were just great.
Christopher Dyke
Christopher Dyke
17 October 2023
Getting finance is a big step to take and can be a bit daunting. AAA Finance makes the process so easy, which is the reason why I am a repeat client having now purchased multiple vehicles through using their service. You get genuine service from an honest team and assured you are looked after. Give them a go once, it’s all you’ll need!! Thanks AAA Finance!!
Marissa Carr
Marissa Carr
12 October 2023
Ray has been absolutely amazing. Thank you
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