Harley Davidson Motorbike Finance

AAA Finance and Insurance specialises in Harley Davidson Motorbike finance and insurance.  We have financed Harley Davidson motorbikes for many of our clients. Whether you are buying privately or from a dealer, we can get you a very competitive interest rate with loan terms to suit you.

For many of the country's motorcycle enthusiasts, Harley Davidsons are a stand out machine. They're the bike that everyone wants to own and ride, and are perfect for the country's highways, whether you're exploring Australia's beautiful coastal roads or heading inland.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service with quick and easy finance and insurance solutions.

Why should I finance a Harley Davidson with AAA?

People have a range of motorbikes to choose from when they approach AAA Finance and Insurance for a motorcycle loan, but few options can hold a candle to the Harley Davidson.

Sure, there are other bike manufacturers making perfectly capable machinery, but how many have created something that has become a design icon?

For decades, Harley Davidson motorcycles have been immortalised in films, television series and all other types of media. No motor cycle enthusiast will forget the first time they saw Easy Rider, the film that saw Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda ride their Harley Davidson across the United States.

Few other examples cemented the Harley's reputation quite like that film. Is there a better country to re-enact this road trip than Australia? We think not.

What's the difference between secured motorbike loan and a personal motorbike loan?

We offer both secured motorbike loans and personal motorbike loans, affording greater flexibility for people looking to purchase their dream motorcycle.

A secured motorcycle loan is also known as a consumer bike loan. It's also the most popular type of Harley Davidson motorbike finance. This form of loan uses the bike as security against the loan. The main difference between this option and a personal motorcycle loan is that it has a lower interest rate.

A Personal Motorbike Loan is also known as a unsecured personal motorbike loan. It is mainly used for purchasing older Harley Davidson motorcycles. If it's your dream to own one of the classic Harley Davidson models over the newer alternatives, this is the loan for you.

Easy finance application

You can submit an enquiry regarding motorcycle finance online. Simply fill in the online firm to have one of our experience Harley Davidson consultants contact you.

Pre-approved motorbike finance is another option to make the purchasing process quick and easy. This allows you to shop around for the perfect Harley Davidson with the assurance that you have a pre-approval within your budget.

Call (07) 5493 1222 for a quick 5 minute over-the-phone application.

Quick finance approvals

Most Harley Davidson Motorbike Finance is approved within 24 hours. Apply today to ride away on your dream Harley tomorrow.

We understand there's a sense of excitement that comes with buying your first Harley Davidson and every minute you wait can feel like a lifetime. With this commitment to providing a finance solution as soon as possible, AAA Finance and Insurance is the best option to secure a quick and easy motorcycle loan.

Low Interest Rates

AAA Finance and Insurance has access to a wide range of lenders. We match your individual circumstances to the best lender to ensure you get the lowest interest rate available. Finance solutions are not a one-size-fits-all product, and every customer has their own unique set of needs.

The best way to ensure a Harley Davidson loan is tailored to you requirements is to give one of our consultants a call.

Our lenders include:

  • Yamaha Motor Finance
  • ANZ
  • Esanda
  • GE Automotive
  • RACV
  • Automotive Financial Services

Motorbike finance calculator

Use our easy Motorbike Finance Calculator to estimate your fortnightly or monthly repayments. You will need to input an estimate of your loan amount, interest rate and loan term in years. Our calculator gives both a monthly and fortnightly repayment based on your estimates. The interest rate will be determined by your individual circumstances.

This is the best way to ensure your dream of owning a Harley Davidson can become a reality. If you have any questions about the results from the finance calculator, don't hesitate to contact our team of consultants.



Jemma Pudwell
Jemma Pudwell
15 February 2024
We have used Jase from AAA Finance twice in the last 12 months, and he has been great to deal with. Communication was great, he was very proactive especially if anything may come up and were very quick in getting it all sorted in the best possible way to suite our situation. Highly recommend and will use Jase again in the future.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
14 February 2024
Just finished my process with Ray from AAA finance. The man is unbelievably genuine and taught me so much throughout the process. This wasn't just about securing my finance and Ray showed that through immaculate service. Ray has educated me and shed light onto future projects only confirming where I'll be taking my business in the future. Absolutely phenomenal and wouldn't even consider using anyone else. Thanks again Ray!
Wayne Roby
Wayne Roby
29 January 2024
AAA were awesome at helping me out of a tight situation (and with bad credit file) ! they were friendly and quick to respond. i would highly recommend them
23 January 2024
Jason was professional, organised and very helpful in regards to the loan for camper van. I am very grateful to have spoken to someone who managed the process so easily, flexibly and was able to provide solutions. Thank you
Emily Dimitriou
Emily Dimitriou
10 December 2023
Jason has been absolutely wonderful to deal with and we couldnt be happier with his service. Top notch 😊
Katherine Menadue
Katherine Menadue
15 November 2023
I have just secured a loan through AAA Finance and Insurance to invest in an emerging business O2 for life. The whole process was simple and quick. Ray Wilson was excellent, available at all times to help with any queries. I would strongly recommend Ray and his business for any finance requirements.
Breanna Carr
Breanna Carr
26 October 2023
They are so easy to talk to, answered every question I asked no matter what question it was and they were just great.
Christopher Dyke
Christopher Dyke
17 October 2023
Getting finance is a big step to take and can be a bit daunting. AAA Finance makes the process so easy, which is the reason why I am a repeat client having now purchased multiple vehicles through using their service. You get genuine service from an honest team and assured you are looked after. Give them a go once, it’s all you’ll need!! Thanks AAA Finance!!
Marissa Carr
Marissa Carr
12 October 2023
Ray has been absolutely amazing. Thank you
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