Motorbike Finance Calculator

Try our easy to use Motorbike Finance Calculator.  You will need to estimate your loan amount, interest rate and loan term in years.  Our motorbike finance calculator will determine both fortnightly and monthly loan repayments.

What can be included in the finance amount?

Up to and over 100% of the motorbike purchase price can be financed.  Your motorbike finance amount can  include motorbike insurance and accessories.

Pre-approved Motorbike Finance

Having pre-approved motorbike finance has its advantages.  Firstly you will know the amount of your repayments allowing you to determine the budget for your new bike.  Secondly it gives you more negotiating power when purchasing your new motorbike.  A pre-approval also allows you to locate the perfect bike that will be within your budget.  Apply for pre-approved motorbike finance today.

What is a balloon payment?

Our motorbike finance calculator has a balloon payment option.  A balloon payment is a lump sum payment that is paid at the end of the loan term.   Not all of the principle of the loan is paid off during the loan resulting in a balloon payment a the end of the loan term.  The balloon amount can either be paid off in full at the end of the loan or refinanced.  A balloon payment reduces the bike loan repayments throughout the term of the loan.  Use our Motorbike Finance Calculator to determine how a balloon payment will affect your motorbike repayments.

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