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A consumer caravan loan is the most common way to purchase a new camper trailer, caravan or motorhome. AAA Finance offers quick and easy loans at competitive rates. We work with a panel of over 40 lenders and can turn around caravan loans in as little as 24 hours. But before signing off, it's important to know exactly what type of finance we offer, was well as the details of these associated benefits.

What is a consumer caravan loan?

Also known as a secured caravan loan, this type of financing essentially puts the vehicle itself up as security. A consumer caravan loan is the most common way to purchase a new or used recreational vehicle for private use. It is a simple loan between the lender and you.  This means the caravan is in your name, and you can ride off and enjoy what Australia has to offer. However, if repayments aren't made as per the loan agreement, the caravan itself is the collateral, and is sold on.

It effectively puts the caravan up as insurance between you and incurring serious levels of debt! It's a simple, straightforward method of caravan finance that has proved incredibly popular with our customers. The benefits don't end there either.

Benefits of a consumer caravan loan

Caravan finance is a popular option for many people that come to us. It enables people to get on the road very quickly with their new purchase. Additionally, you may be able to gain some or all of the following bonuses:

  1. Borrowing capacity that reaches up to and beyond 100 per cent of the cost of a caravan, including insurance and accessories**. Conditions apply
  2. No deposit required.
  3. A fixed repayment schedule that ensures regular, stable costs - perfect for long term budgeting.
  4. Incredibly competitive interest rates.
  5. Loan terms that last anywhere between one and seven years.

Competitive interest rates

The interest rates for a secured caravan loan are often lower than a regular unsecured personal loan. This makes a consumer caravan loan attractive to most wage earners. Especially once you factor in that the interest rate is fixed for the entire term of the loan. With this in place, you know exactly what you will be paying with every transaction, which makes the secured caravan loan incredibly easy to budget for.

Even though there is a predetermined time frame for your caravan loan repayments, there is the option to pay it out at any time. This means that if your financial situation changes significantly or you receive a one-off windfall, you can exit the loan term by paying the remainder in one transaction - you aren't necessarily locked in for the full loan term.

Caravan Loan and Camper Trailer Finance

Consumer Caravan Loan Calculator

Estimate your monthly repayments using our Caravan Loan Calculator.

You will need an estimate of your loan amount, loan term in years and an approximate interest rate.  AAA Finance  and Insurance will get you the lowest interest possible.  Your interest rate will be based on your prior credit history and profile.

Balloon benefits

The consumer caravan loan can also come in a balloon format, which means you make reduced payments during the loan term, and pay one larger bulk amount at the end of the loan term.


When you take out a secured caravan loan, you have borrowing capacity that extends well beyond the full cost of the vehicle itself. This enables you to get the right insurance and protection for your vehicle and fold the costs into your borrowing.

Of course, make sure to carefully consider the type of insurance you will need. In addition to third party insurance, you could take on a comprehensive policy that covers a wide range of potential incidents - check with AAA Finance to see what works with your consumer caravan loan.

Variety: A driving force

On top of this, the consumer caravan loan can apply to more than just its namesake. When you get this type of finance with AAA, you could purchase a horse float, 5-wheel vehicle or even a larger motor home. You are able to borrow more than 100 per cent of the price of a caravans, which enables you to cover registration and any other additional accessories, as well as insurance. You may not even have to lay down a deposit!

Clearly, it can be fast and simple to get what you need to get on the road. Speaking to a specialist from AAA Finance is just the first step on the way to a great caravan - don't hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us

If you have decided that a secured caravan loan is the right option for you, then feel free to get in touch with the team at AAA Finance today. There are many ways you can do this - you could even fill out a form and get pre-approved now!

Alternatively, fill out a quick loan enquiry form, or even give one of our finance experts a call on 07 5493 1222. We'll get you where you need to be.

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* Your actual interest rate will be based on a number of factors, including the type and age of the asset you are seeking to purchase; the information you provide during your application and the term of the loan. This rate may be different from our lowest advertised rates. The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $50,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, effective 9/11/2023 and subject to change. The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

Tammy Davies
Tammy Davies
27 April 2024
Excellent service provided from start to finish, Jaime kept us informed through each step. Would highly recommend. Very easy to deal with, having financed with car dealers many times, this was a seamless process and AAA ensured they secured the best deal for us.
David Marjoribanks
David Marjoribanks
17 April 2024
Jason Barry and the team at AAA Finance were great throughout what became a complex process in arranging settlement on finance for a vehicle. Jason’s continued efforts to resolve some unexpected issues and constant follow up ensured the finance settled. Without his great work it could easily have fallen over. Even the fleet company who sold the vehicle to me were singing his praises ! Thanks Jason. Will be using Jason and AAA Finance on my next purchase for sure !
Deborah Gibson-Campbell
Deborah Gibson-Campbell
2 April 2024
Exceptional service by Jason yet again. I have been engaging Jason for many years now, whenever I have used financial services for purchases and he has always obtained a great loan package for myself.
Samantha Holder
Samantha Holder
2 April 2024
Big thanks to Jason Barry at AAA Finance! From beginning to end, Jase ensured that purchasing our 2021 Jayco Work N Play was smooth and hassle-free. Even though we initially received approval with a higher interest rate, he persevered and secured a much better rate for us. He maintained excellent communication throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Jason to anyone. Thank you Jase for your outstanding service!!
Jemma Pudwell
Jemma Pudwell
15 February 2024
We have used Jase from AAA Finance twice in the last 12 months, and he has been great to deal with. Communication was great, he was very proactive especially if anything may come up and were very quick in getting it all sorted in the best possible way to suite our situation. Highly recommend and will use Jase again in the future.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
14 February 2024
Just finished my process with Ray from AAA finance. The man is unbelievably genuine and taught me so much throughout the process. This wasn't just about securing my finance and Ray showed that through immaculate service. Ray has educated me and shed light onto future projects only confirming where I'll be taking my business in the future. Absolutely phenomenal and wouldn't even consider using anyone else. Thanks again Ray!
Wayne Roby
Wayne Roby
29 January 2024
AAA were awesome at helping me out of a tight situation (and with bad credit file) ! they were friendly and quick to respond. i would highly recommend them
23 January 2024
Jason was professional, organised and very helpful in regards to the loan for camper van. I am very grateful to have spoken to someone who managed the process so easily, flexibly and was able to provide solutions. Thank you
Emily Dimitriou
Emily Dimitriou
10 December 2023
Jason has been absolutely wonderful to deal with and we couldnt be happier with his service. Top notch 😊
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