What kind of boat could you buy before the Easter break?

As the Easter break approaches and the family needs a plan of attack for the activities you will be providing (kids, specifically). Having a boat in your driveway can help to take a major weight off your shoulders. To make the most of your time on the water though, you'll be looking for a boat that is big enough for your family, friends and the gear you need. A little while ago we suggested some fun water sports that you could plan to do with your family. So below is a selection of some of the best boats you could buy for those activities.

There are 850,000 registered boats in Australia, join the crowd!

Join the many other Australian families on the water and get your kids active this Easter. It's not all about the chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts. It's a time for your family to come together and go boating! In fact there are 850,000 registered boats in Australia according to Boating Industries Alliance Australia. While there are actually many more boats out there, not all require registration. Boat finance is your solution to driving away from the showroom with your dream vessel.

1) Dive into these best boats

The incredible array of wildlife around the country does not stop at the coast. The far-ranging reef systems and thriving wildlife extend further than the eye can see from the land. Getting onto your own boat and exploring the depths can be a truly unique experience. On the east coast you can find your way to one of the 3,000 reef systems at Great Barrier. Further south you could discover some of the sunken vessels just outside South Australia and Victoria.

The Quintrex 510 Freedom Cruiser is a fantastic boat for doing just that. A 5.36 metre vessel with a 135 hp Stern drive engine gives you both the space for your kids and the luxury of a bigger boat. There is plenty of room to spread out over the deck as well as having sufficient seating for 6 people. You also don't need a huge SUV to tow it, as the weight of the boat is a mere 567 kg.

Underfloor storage gives you the space needed to stow food for a day trip, beers for a day out with your mates and any other kind of entertainment you might need. There are 200 Watt speakers as standard installed as well, so your favourite tunes will be pumping from the moment you turn the key.

2) Ski your way through Australia's rivers and lakes

The Malibu Wakesetter 25 LSV is potentially one of the best boats in Australia for water-skiing and wakeboarding. The design of the hull cuts through the water and produces clean waves for whichever family member is brave enough to be dragged behind this beast. The engine sizes range from smaller to massive but the largest option tops out at 779 Nm of torque which is a supreme number for boat engines.

Not only does the boat provide excellent entertainment for the most balanced of your family and friends, but it also looks incredible. Sleek and long, this is one boat you'll want to show off. Sitting at 7.62 metres in length, it is significantly larger than the other boats on this list. But it also has capacity for 19 people on the water so you'll have room for everyone and their friends!


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This pick of the best boats for skiing is perfect for your family fun on the water. It can be equipped with specific storages for your skis and boards. Boat finance is your solution for getting your hands on one of these beauties. But you'll probably want to take out some boat insurance as well. These types of boats don't come along too often. Find out the must ask questions to keep in mind when researching and buying a used boat.

3) Fish are food, not friends

In the mixed up words of the great Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo, getting out and catching your own dinner on your Easter family holiday is a great activity. The Nitro Z20 Z-Pro High Performance boat is a great option for your endeavours here. A foot-controlled trolling motor and fish finder come as standard. These are just some of the features that will make your fishing experiences not only fun, but successful.

The gunnels have been shaped to be lower based on advice from professional fishermen. This allows for extended room on board and a more comfortable day on the water.

Best Finance for the Best Boats

Which one of our selection of best boats work for you? When you make your decision, contact AAA Finance and see what boat finance options will work best. Options include secured boat finance, personal boat loan, jet ski finance and business boat finance. At AAA Finance we pride ourselves on providing quick and easy finance along with the best possible customer service. Call today to get out on the water!

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