Water sports for your Easter getaway

Families around Australia will be keen to get out and see their beautiful country in all its glory this Easter holiday. Camping can be a great way to do just that. Adding a boat to your plans for water sports can be a great way to keep the kids active and enjoying themselves. A boat loan from AAA Finance can help you on your way to buying all the gear that you need to add ocean, river and lake adventures to your holiday plans.

4 great water sport options

Here are four great options for families with kids of all ages.

1) Snorkelling

While out on your new or used boat, you may well come across some of the beautiful marine life that fills the Australian aquatic ecosystems. Getting into the water to take a closer look at a school of fish or a reef system can provide a real thrill for kids and adults alike, and is perfect for swimmers of all abilities. Make sure that if your family members or friends can't swim, they are supervised and wearing a quality life jacket. Pool noodles are also a great device to help swimmers stay afloat for hours at a time as they peer into the watery blue.

2) Fish and catch your own dinner

Fishing is a very popular leisure activity that provides both economic and social benefits. Being outdoors, exercising, having fun with family and friends, exploring new rivers and lakes, and of course enjoying fresh fish on the BBQ. In 2019-20 the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries conducted a recreational fishing survey. They found that in this time period over 660,000 Queenslander's went fishing. They also contributed to our economy, spending over $600 million on recreational fishing items.

3) Skiing and Tubing

Go to any boating shop and you will find a plethora of tubes, knee boards, wakeboards and skis. Watch the smiles on the kids faces as they get towed on a tube behind the boat. It will be sure to make you smile too! Be aware that you need to have a competent observer over 13 years old that has eyes on the person/s being towed. This means you must have 2 people in the boat or on the jet ski at all times. Have the family learn all the hand signals to ensure good communication between the person being towed and the boat.

4) Jet skiing

If your family loves thrills and spills then a jet ski will go down a treat. They are known as the motorbikes of the boating world. Their speed is incredible and the ability to jump waves and do tricks will get the adrenaline pumping. Jet skis are easy to handle and manoeuvre. They are also lighter and have a smaller trailer than boats. This means you can usually tow a jet ski without having to upgrade the family car to a SUV or 4WD. Water sports such as tubing and skiing behind a jet ski are popular past times.

Want to join in the water sports?

A great day out on the water is hard to beat. Sun, sand and water are the perfect ingredients for a great family time out. AAA Finance can help this dream become a reality with secured boat finance and jet ski loans at competitive rates.

Talk to AAA Finance today and see how its financing options can get your family into a boat.

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