3 of the best learner approved motorbikes

Learning to ride a motorbike can take some time. Not only because of how different a bike is when compared to a car. It is also the exhilaration of sitting right on top of the motor with the wind whipping your face. You will need an appropriate bike as you zip around car parks and roads while you get the hang of manoeuvring and changing gears. Learner approved motorbikes are not too heavy and powerful and come with safety features to keep a new rider safe.

3 Learner approved motorbikes

Safety is paramount on the road, especially for bike riders. Relying only on clothing and a helmet as protection if involved in a motor vehicle accident. For this reason the Queensland Government has a comprehensive list of learner approved motorbikes. These are our 3 top picks.

1) Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS

This cruiser is a real stroke of genius when it comes to design. It looks absolutely superb.

Balanced on a 650cc parallel twin engine that produces 35 kilowatts at a throaty 7,900 rpm. You will really be able to feel the power hitting the tarmac on the back of a Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS. The addition of ABS disc brakes is a fantastic confidence boost for learners. If you are worried about not being able to handle a powerful machine - fear not, Kawasaki has you covered.

2) Kawasaki Ninja 650L ABS

It's a similar story on the back of the iconic Kawasaki Ninja 650L ABS. The safe braking system is going to keep you level in any of the most torrid conditions.

Much more of a racer, and available in two racing colour schemes (Candy Lime Green and Candy Persimmon Red). The same motor in the Vulcan S ABS produces 39 kilowatts of power in the Ninja 650L ABS but weighs 15 kilograms less. You'll be able to rip through the streets much more easily on the back of a Ninja.

3) Honda CBR500R

The Honda CBR500R is another racer. The safety features here are similar in stature to the two bikes above - ABS is now standard.

A liquid-cooled 500cc parallel twin engine allows for economical riding. It also gives it zippy movements as the lightest bike on this list by far. The total kerb weight is a mere 194 kilograms. The Honda CBR500R is going to be perfect for anyone who doesn't think they could handle a heavy motorcycle.

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