3 of the Best Learner Approved Motorbikes

Learning to ride a motorbike requires time and patience. Not only because of how different a bike is when compared to a car. It is also the exhilaration of sitting right on top of the motor with the wind rushing against your face. You will need an appropriate bike as you navigate car parks and roads while you get the hang of manoeuvring and changing gears. Learner approved motorbikes are not too heavy and powerful and come with safety features to keep a new rider safe.

What is a LAM?

A LAM is a Learner Approved Motorbike. LAMs are designed and regulated to cater to new and inexperienced riders. The concept of learner-approved motorcycles is primarily driven by safety considerations. They help novice riders develop their skills in a controlled and manageable manner.

Choosing a good learner motorcycle involves considering various factors to ensure that it's suitable for a rider who is still gaining experience. Some key features and characteristics that make a good learner motorbike include:

  1. Smaller engine size and power - 250cc to 400 cc provide a good balance of power and control.
  2. Lighter and smaller - more manageable and more forgiving, especially in low-speed manoeuvres.
  3. Upright riding position - for comfort and increased visibility.
  4. ABS Anti-lock braking systems- provides additional safety.
  5. Lower seat height - easier for leaners to reach the ground with their feet, enhancing stability especially at lower speeds.
  6. User friendly controls - smooth acceleration, responsive bakes and easy-to-use gear shifts.

3 popular Learner Approved Motorbikes

Safety is paramount on the road, especially for bike riders. Riders rely only on their clothing and a helmet as protection if involved in a motor vehicle accident. For this reason the Queensland Government has a comprehensive list of learner approved motorbikes. These are our 3 top picks.

1) Yamaha YZF-R3

The Yamaha YZF-R3 stands out as a popular choice among learner riders. This is primarily owing to its sleek and sporty design coupled with manageable performance. The bike strikes a harmonious balance between power and handling. It is an ideal companion for individuals in the early stages of their motorcycling journey. With its nimble responsiveness and a well-tuned engine, the YZF-R3 allows riders to experience the thrill of a sport bike without overwhelming them. The ergonomic design contributes to rider comfort, facilitating the learning process as users become accustomed to the unique dynamics of a sport-oriented motorcycle.

2) Honda CB300R

Honda's CB300R is a testament to minimalist design, combining style with functionality to create a bike that appeals to learners and experienced riders alike. The naked bike aesthetic, characterized by exposed components and a clean, modern appearance, is complemented by the CB300R's lightweight nature. This feature, combined with easy handling, makes it an excellent choice for those in the early stages of riding. Fuel efficiency is a notable advantage, allowing riders to cover distances economically. The upright riding position enhances comfort. It also provides a natural and relaxed stance that is particularly beneficial for learners honing their skills.

3) Kawasaki Ninja 400

The Kawasaki Ninja 400 represents a step-up option for learners aspiring to transition from smaller bikes to a more performance-oriented motorcycle. The Ninja 400 delivers a sporty experience without compromising on rider-friendly features. It has been widely embraced by those seeking a blend of power and comfort. The bike's performance capabilities are well-suited for riders looking to advance their skills, offering a more exhilarating ride while maintaining a level of control that aligns with the learning curve. The Ninja 400's design incorporates both aggressive styling and rider-friendly elements, creating a platform that appeals to those ready to move up in the displacement range while maintaining a manageable and enjoyable riding experience.

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