Top ways to ensure motorbike safety

The popularity of motorbikes is growing. Whether it's the sense of freedom of being out on the open road, or the flexibility associated with this type of vehicle. More people are choosing two wheels to make their journeys. As with any vehicle, being safe on the road should take priority for any motorbike user. Here are some top motorbike safety tips to make sure you're always putting safety first. Minimise both the chance of making a bike insurance claim and having a stay in hospital!

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that between 2009 and 2014, the number of motorcycles on the nation's roads has increased 25 per cent. This means there are now an estimated 880,900 bikes throughout the country - and the trend is showing little sign of slowing down. If you are just starting on your motorbike ownership journey then check out these learner approved bike options.

Motorbike safety - Invest in the right safety gear

You could have taken out a motorcycle loan on the safest model in the world. But if you're not wearing the right kit, this will still be dangerous. The Motorcycle Council of New South Wales (MCofNSW) recommends buying the following items to minimise the impact of a collision.

  • Helmet.
  • Gloves.
  • Impact protectors.
  • Jackets and pants specifically designed to be worn on a motorbike.

Figures from the MCofNSW show that most motorcyclists will wear a jacket and helmet. However, they are less inclined to wear boots, pants or gloves. Having a well-rounded wardrobe is essential if you're going to stay safe out on the road.

Motorbike safety - Have the right helmet

One of the most crucial items is the helmet, which will protect your head in the event of an accident. There is no understating the importance of protective headgear. Helmets must comply with the Australian standard.

Data from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development shows that as many as 10 per cent of motorcyclists involved in collisions were not wearing a helmet. A further 20 per cent were wearing one, but it hadn't been fitted properly.

Motorbike safety - Know the road rules

Brushing up on your road knowledge could be just what you need to improve your personal safety. Rules often change over time. It is worthwhile updating your knowledge now and again to make sure you always stay on the right side of the law.

For example, in 2015 Queensland introduced new road rules for motorbikes. The most significant changes related to lane filtering and moving through congested traffic. Lane filtering is when you ride your motorcycle at low speed between stationary or slow moving vehicles travelling in the same direction you are. You are only allowed to lane filter in Queensland if you hold an open licence and you are travelling less than 30 km per hour.

Finance your bike AND your safety gear

Did you know that you can include accessories in your finance amount? The safest clothing and state of the art helmet can be added to your bike purchase invoice. A consumer bike loan is the most popular type of motorcycle finance. It uses the bike as security against the loan and extra repayments can be made at any time. Try our easy to use bike finance calculator to estimate your bike loan repayments. You might find that the upgrade you have been dreaming off is within reach.

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