Food trucks: A tasty new Australian market

By now, you've likely spotted them more and more as you go about your daily life. Creating queues on sidewalks during the work-day lunch-break and feeding hungry revellers after a night on the town, food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, both with the wide array of foodies who love them and the business owners who are following the trend.

Ever dreamed of owning a restaurant but haven't wanted to take the risk? A food truck could be a more budget-friendly and exciting option. While the investment will certainly pay off, a trusty truck for your tasty creations won't come cheap. Check out our options for truck and equipment loans and you'll be serving up gourmet street food in no time.

A hungry market

While the food truck trend has been alive and well in the US for quite some time, only in recent years has the trend really kicked off in Australia.

In 2012, the Sydney council responded to residents' desires for late-night food options with a food truck trial. Their report not only revealed that people love food trucks, but that they appeal to a new market of customers: 37 per cent of food truck customers surveyed said they would otherwise not have purchased food at all.

Even better, food truck owners can seek out potential peckish customers by changing their location; from outside office buildings during weekday lunchtimes, to outside nightclubs or at festivals during the weekends. Worried that a changing location could deter repeat customers? Hugely popular website and app Where the Truck tracks over 200 registered food trucks across Australia so that regulars can keep tabs on their favourites and food-lovers can find new places to try.

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