Truck & Equipment Finance

AAA Finance and Insurance prides itself on quick and easy truck and equipment finance and insurance solutions.  From Brisbane businesses, Sunshine Coast farmers to Mackay trucking and mining companies.  We service the greater South East Queensland region and beyond.  We can finance your plant and equipment, regardless of where you are located nationally.

Business success depends on reliable plant and equipment.  We can ensure you have the finance required to get top-of-the-line assets.

We know that when you need new equipment, time is often of the essence.  Because of this, AAA Finance offers a quick and easy application process.  Most truck and equipment finance is approved within 24 hours, so you can get the gear you need, when you need it.

Our Experienced AAA Finance and Insurance Experts will take the time to get to know you and your business.  This ensures that we can best represent you to our large panel of lenders.  We will emphasise your strengths to help get your equipment finance approved at a competitive low cost interest rate with a tailored loan package to suit your needs.

What can we provide trucking and equipment finance for?

Your ability to grow you business isn’t limited, so why should your options for trucking and equipment finance?  We’re committed to ensuring that  – no matter what you need – we’re the finance provider that will help you get it.  AAA Finance can provide you a solution for any equipment your business may require:

    • Trucks, tractors, mining equipment and excavators to lawn movers and shade sails – the list is endless!
    • New or used – prefer a tried and true used model or its showroom equivalent
    • Buying privately or from a dealer – whether your buying from a farmer around the corner or continuing your relationship with a dealer – the choice is yours

Truck Finance and Equipment Finance

What are my truck & equipment finance options?

In most cases we are able to secure equipment finance against the asset being purchased.  However, we also provide other options to ensure our customers are offered a comprehensive loan solution.  Our other equipment finance options include chattel mortgagescommercial hire purchase agreements and secured personal loans.


We understand that a business needs dependable vehicles and equipment.  If these assets are compromised it can cost time and money to put thing right.

Because of this, AAA Finance and Insurance also offers a range of Insurance products to protect your asset, your loan and your credit rating.  Comprehensive insurance, tyre and rim insurance and extended warranties protect your asset.  After all, there’s nothing worse than having your new pride and joy damaged when it’s fresh off the lot and not having the correct insurance coverage!

However, AAA Finance protects much more than just your physical stake in our relationship.  Gap or shortfall insurance and loan protection insurance are options to protect your loan and your credit rating.

Apply for Truck Finance & Equipment Finance

To ensure you’re able to quickly and easily apply for a loan while keeping your business going, AAA Finance and Insurance offers multiple contact options so you can talk to us in a way that suits you.

To have a conversation with our finance experts call (07) 5493 122 and find our what we can do to help.

Alternatively, fill out our contact form online.   One of our friendly business experts will be in contact with you promptly.

You can also apply for pre-approved equipment finance.  Knowing your budget gives  you more negotiating power when purchasing your equipment.

What else does AAA offer for truck and equipment finance?

Adding to our range of expert advice is our easy to use business loan calculator lets you estimate your finance repayments.  Both fortnightly and monthly repayments can be calculated.  The calculator also includes a balloon payment function so matter how you want to repay your truck and equipment loan, you can estimate your finance repayments.

AAA is Australian owned and operated

We are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated business. We support Australian owned companies which in turn protects Australian jobs.

Heavy Vehicle Regulations

This link to The Department of Transport and Main Roads  has useful information regarding heavy vehicle regulations for Queensland roads.