What are the best caravan toys to take on your next caravan tour?

Caravanning around Australia is one of the top ways to see the country. It's such a beautiful place, and when you've got your accommodation strapped to the back of your vehicle, there are no stresses about when you need to check into your next destination.  Make it even better with theses best caravan toys.

Whenever you arrive where you want to be, simply park up, set yourself in a location with a nice view of the surrounding area and enjoy your time. When you're ready to leave, just pack up what you brought with you and drive away, feeling more relaxed than ever.

There are a few ways to make your next caravan tour even more relaxing and enjoyable, however, and that's by making the most of the services of AAA Finance and getting into some of the best caravan toys that are listed below:

1) A bicycle for all occasions

For those times when you want to get away from the camping ground or caravan site and explore on two wheels, bringing along your bikes can make doing this simple.

If you have room on the outside of your car after you get through everything else on this list, you can store a fat-wheeled mountain bike on the rear, or if road biking is more your style, pop the wheels off and load them onto the roof.

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Even more convenient are fold-up bikes. These are collapsible and can be stored easily in the boot, or even securely inside your caravan out the back. Some caravans even have storage options installed already, so you could have every extra accessory you want to bring along with you on the outside of the caravan.

This leaves you to have a luxurious amount of room inside the car, as the other items aren't cramping your style inside the cabin.

Many caravan sites are in the great Australian outdoors, and are surrounded by many kilometres of fantastic cycling tracks that you can explore. Get pedalling with bicycles for the entire troupe and you'll have some good bonding time on the track as well.

2) Bring along a boat

Boats aren't often able to be taken along on a caravan trip, because you aren't able to tow two things at once. However, with a side boat loader, you'll be able to put your small watercraft on top of the car, and take it everywhere.

A fantastic way to bring a water sport into your caravan holiday is to bring a boat. This small water craft will allow you to explore places you otherwise wouldn't be able to, including gorges, as well as going out fishing for a day and catching dinner.

Have a family of four? A small dinghy would be perfect for that number of people, and it'll bring with it plenty of fun to boot.

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A side boat loader is a simple piece of kit, and will make getting a boat onto the roof possible. It's also safe for driving long distances with, so when you're escaping the city to the countryside and all of those lakes you're planning to explore, you'll have peace of mind with your craft sitting above you.

This is a properly fantastic device for your water sporting dreams, and you'll get one installed, as well as purchasing a boat, with a personal loan from AAA Finance.

3) Paddle your way to freedom

There might be somebody in your travelling party that has more of an inkling toward flat water cruising, which is great fun if you do it in pairs.

Getting into stand-up paddle boarding is relatively easy, great as a form of exercise and will allow you to explore some of the cooler, more intricate parts of Australia's waterways without even needing to get your feet wet.

Once you've mastered the balance, paddling is straightforward. Do it correctly and you'll be treating yourself to a core workout like no other.

Once you get set up with a board, paddle, leg leash and everything else you'll need to really enjoy yourself out on the water, there won't be any other stresses to hold you back from the beckoning waters.

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A kayak can be a great option for paddling adventures as well - plus, you'll be able to sit down the whole time you're in the boat. Kayaks are also fantastic for bringing along supplies, as many of them have storage spaces in the front where you can put waterproof bags for a camping trip down the river, or even just dinner. Doing it with your travel buddy will really open up the world of paddling to you - don't stop at just one set!

There is just so much to do on a caravan holiday with the best caravan toys that you might not have thought of.  Get in touch with AAA Finance to talk more about loan options to suit you.

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