Benefits of an off-road motorcycle

Off-road, but on trend

Off-road motorcycle sales have experienced a recent jump. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki are the four most popular brands. This gives you an indication of the names to look out for if you're new to the market. With this resurgence occurring at the moment, heading off the beaten track might be just the thing you need. Don't have a suitable motorcycle? Get a quick and easy bike loan with AAA Finance.

Benefits of an off-road motorcycle

1. Fun and adventure

Off-road bikes are designed for use on tough and steep terrain. Tear up the dirt, scramble over rocks and get some air. State forests and private enterprises have designated dirt bike tracks to explore with friends and family. There are also a growing number of competitive events where you can test your skills against other riders.

2. Improved health

There are a multitude of studies professing the mental health benefits of being outside in nature. Add to this improved fitness by increased endurance, cardiovascular health and muscle strength. Get away from work demands and technology and open the throttle to clear out the cobwebs.

3. Work horse

Off-road bikes and quads are a farmers friend. Whether is carrying chemicals, checking the fence line or mustering the cattle. This is the type of horse power now found in rural Australia. We have all seen the images of a dog or hay bale on the back of a bike.

4. Cost effective

Both the upfront purchase outlay and the fuel bill are significantly lower for off-road bikes compared to an 4WD's and Utes. That's not to say that you may not need a loan for a dirt bike.

Off-road motorcycle options

Whether you own a farm, want a leisure vehicle for the weekends or simply need to get from A to B. There is a wide range of off-road motorbikes that can fit your needs. ATVs and mini-bikes make up approximately 60% of all motorbike sales.

1. Bikes

There are a number of specialised off road bikes. The most popular are Motorcross and Enduro. Motorcross bikes are light and compact allowing riders to get air when going over jumps. This means they need long suspension travel, high ground clearance and deep tread. They are mainly used for short off-road tracks that have different obstacles, such as jumps and washouts. Enduro bikes are road legal, high-performance machines designed for long multiday rides. These bikes can be used on both dirt and sealed roads, bringing you the best of both worlds.

2. ATV's and UTV's

It doesn't have to only have 2 wheels! All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) or quadbikes are designed for one user and commonly have 4 wheels. Side-by-sides or Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV's) are for multiple users. Both are popular options for those who need to get off-road with increased stability at slower speeds. They are also handy work horses, with the ability to carry heavy loads. Theses vehicles can have much more safety gear, including seatbelts and roll cages.

3. Mini-bikes

Remember the thrill of first riding a bike? Pass some of that excitement onto the next generation. Mini bikes can be great for children with the right safety precautions. Some are built quite similar to a traditional non-powered bike, including rear hand operated breaks. This makes it quick and easy for kids to get off-road.

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Finance your next off-road motorcycle

Whatever your decision, there is a lot of variety and excitement that can be had with an off-road bike. One of the fastest ways to get one for yourself is by working with AAA Finance. You can get pre-approved bike loan right now! Our panel of over 40 lenders means that there is a lender and loan option to suit you. Apply today and your loan can be approved tomorrow!

A secured bike loan option has the finance secured against the bike. This type of loan allows for lower interest rates and perhaps better long-term affordability in your budget. This could be why it is the most popular type of motorcycle finance. To see if an off-road bike fits in your budget try out our easy to use bike loan calculator.

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