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Truck and Equipment Finance

Chattel Mortgage Business Finance allows all types of businesses to secure a loan against a truck, plant or equipment.  Businesses can range from sole traders, partnerships and trusts to large corporations.

To qualify for a chattel mortgage the truck, plant or equipment must be used for a minimum of 50% business use.

Equipment that was obtained with business equipment upgrade loans

Advantages of Chattel Mortgage Business Finance

  • You own the truck, plant or equipment from the start of the agreement.
  • GST registered customers can claim back the GST on the purchase price.
  • Low establishment fee and monthly repayments with no payout penalties.
  • Fixed interest rate for the term of the agreement.
  • Monthly repayments fixed for the term.
  • No GST charged on the monthly repayment.
  • Access to further tax benefits where the truck, plant or equipment is used to generate income. (check with your accountant)
  • Terms from 1 to 7 years.
  • Balloon payments are available.
  • Loans from $5000.

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Business Loan Calculator

Our easy to use Business Loan Calculator includes a balloon payout option.  You can calculate both fortnightly and monthly repayments.  The calculator requires an estimate of loan amount, annual interest rate and loan term in years.  The interest rate that we can organise for you depends on your profile and previous credit history.

Insurance Options

AAA Finance and Insurance has a range of insurance products to protect your asset and your Chattel Mortgage Business Finance.  To protect your equipment we offer Comprehensive InsuranceTyre and Rim Insurance and Extended Warranties.  Gap or Shortfall Insurance and Loan Protection Insurance  are options that protect your loan and your credit rating.

Useful Link | ATO Record Keeping for Heavy Vehicles

The link takes you to the The Australian Taxation Office website Fuel tax credits - record keeping for heavy vehicles.

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