K’gari camping trip with the AAA Finance Family

A trip to K'gari, formerly known as Fraser Island, is a must do trip for every Australian. We embarked on our journey from the Sunshine Coast at the crack of dawn, aiming to arrive at Inskip Point just before low tide. From there, a swift ferry ride transported us to K'gari. Our route took us along the lengthy expanse of 75 Mile Beach. This stretch presented us with two challenging sections to conquer – Poyungan Rocks and Yidney Rocks. These rocky formations were only passable during low tide. Even then, precise timing was crucial, necessitating a rapid dash through the waves. Alternatively, there was an inland track, which, depending on recent weather conditions and the trailblazing of preceding vehicles, could prove quite tricky.

Cathedrals Campground on K'gari

Cathedrals Campground earned our wholehearted endorsement, deserving every bit of its 5-star rating. The entire campsite was enclosed by dingo-proof fencing. Except for crossing an electrified grid to enter, the fencing seamlessly blended into the surrounding bush, sparing us encounters with the local dingoes. The only indigenous creatures we shared the campground with were the leisurely goannas, casually roaming about in search of food scraps. While we had brought our camping equipment, upon inspecting the facilities, we decided that next time we'd opt for the permanent tents. These tents were clustered in a semi-circle around a cozy fire pit. They were also conveniently situated near the camp kitchens, equipped with all the amenities – tables, chairs, sinks, BBQs, fridges, and freezers. The freezers proved invaluable for refreezing block ice overnight, ensuring we had ice-cold refreshments for our day excursions.

K'gari Unique Experiences

Lake Mackenzie, Central Station and Lake Wabby

K'gari boasts a multitude of unique and unforgettable experiences that can captivate the entire family. Navigating the sandy 4WD tracks inland added an element of adventure to every journey.

Lake Mackenzie was an undeniable favourite among our group, with its pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters. The vibrant blues and greens of this perched lake were nothing short of breath-taking, and the water temperature was just as refreshing. We made a pit stop at the Eurong township to savor a good cup of coffee and purchase fresh bread for our lunch.

Following a rejuvenating dip in Lake Mackenzie, we proceeded to Central Station, an historical logging settlement. Here, a picturesque boardwalk meandered through lush rainforest along Wanggoolba Creek, providing insights into the island's rich history. Keen-eyed observers could spot eels, fish, and the renowned green sand unique to this creek. While in the vicinity, we made time to visit Lake Wabby. This lake is gradually being engulfed by the imposing Hammerstone Sandblow. The steep, sandy slopes proved to be a hit with both the kids and adults alike, offering a thrilling experience for all.

K'gari Map showing 4WD tracks, towns and attractions
K'gari Map

Eli Creek and the Maheno Wreck

Both Eli Creek and the Maheno shipwreck are conveniently located just a short drive away from the campground. Eli Creek, being so close to the campsite, is a popular spot where we found ourselves taking several trips for a refreshing swim. I highly recommend bringing along some form of flotation device, such as a boogie board or an inflatable mattress, to enhance your Eli Creek experience. Not only will it help you stay comfortably above the chilly flowing creek water, but it also allows for a serene float downstream, occasionally ducking under overhanging branches.

The Maheno shipwreck is a famous maritime relic, washed ashore during a cyclone back in 1935. Over the years, the relentless forces of waves and sand have gradually transformed this once-majestic vessel into a rusting, disintegrating wreck.

Sandy Cape Lighthouse & Champagne Pools

A fantastic day trip takes you to Sandy Cape, the northern tip of K'gari. We made a pit stop at Orchid Beach to refuel our vehicles before embarking on a straightforward drive up the beach, around Sandy Cape, and eventually reaching Sandy Cape Lighthouse. While the walk to the lighthouse presented some steeper sections, the breath-taking views more than compensated for the effort. On our way back to Cathedrals Campground, we made a quick detour to the Champagne Pools. I highly recommend bringing a mask and snorkel to explore the diverse marine life thriving in these natural pools.

K'gari Sandy Cape Lighthouse
Sandy Cape

Indian Head

Indian Head is an excellent vantage point for observing whales and sharks. A relatively short walk takes you to the headland. From here we were fortunate to witness a large group of rays frolicking in the waters just off the point. Indian Head is also a prime location for fishing, with many beachgoers trying their luck along the coastline, where gutters often form.

K'gari Dingoes

A word of caution regarding the island's dingoes. We spotted quite a few of them on the beach, and they seemed relatively indifferent to our presence, with some displaying rather bold behaviour. While we felt safe camping at Cathedrals, I would advise against open camping on K'gari. Dingoes can be stealthy, observant, and opportunistic creatures. Camping should be a relaxing experience. Not one where you constantly feel the need to watch your back, knowing that your family might be under scrutiny.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Science has a lot of information about K'gari including a dingo safety guide.

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