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Want a better deal on the Gold Coast Car Loan?  Getting the best consumer and business car loans to suit your individual circumstances isn't always easy. But you can save time and money when you work with the financial experts at AAA Finance. With over 40 different lenders, we help clients from all over the Gold Coast get the very best interest rates and loan terms for their car finance.  

Types of Vehicles

With a large array of lenders at AAA's fingertips, we have specialist lenders and can assist with loans for cars, boats, bikes, caravans and campers, as well as trucks and business equipment. We even do personal loans. Vehicles can be:

  • new or used.
  • private seller or from a dealership.
  • with or without a deposit.

Business Low Doc Car Finance

If you are a Gold Coast small business owner or a sole trader with an ABN, then a low doc car loan may be just the ticket for you. Business vehicle finance can help you upgrade the work vehicle or expand your business through the purchase of new equipment, all without affecting your cash flow.

Most self-employed or small business owners don't have the up-to-date financial documents needed to get a traditional car loan. This is where a no or low doc car loan can come in handy. These loans don't require tax returns or BAS statements, making the whole process quick and easy.

Let AAA help you with your next business vehicle finance so you can focus on growing your Gold Coast venture and thrive.

Car Loan Terms

The flexibility to have your loan suit your life is invaluable. The option of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments gives flexibility, and these payments can be made to coincide with your payday to make budgeting easy. The term of the loan can vary from one to seven years, depending on if you wish to have a smaller payment over a long period of time or pay the loan off as soon as possible.  A balloon payment option is a great way to reduce loan repayments during the term of the loan and pay a lump sum balloon payment at the end of the loan. Try our easy to use car loan calculator with balloon payment option. You can change the term, loan amount and interest rate to see how each these factors affects the loan repayment.

With a consumer loan, you also have the added benefit of making extra payments if and when you wish, which reduces both the life of the loan and the interest you pay.

Get the Best Gold Coast Car Loan

Don’t settle for a loan from your bank or from a car dealer salesperson. Get a much better deal with AAA Finance.  We have the best deal for car loans on the Gold Coast . Call (07) 5493 1222 today to get approved within 24 hours. 

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