Why are so many Australians using motorbikes?

Motorcycles have become more popular as bigger, better, faster and safer bikes become available in the country. Fancy getting behind the handlebars of one of these beasts? We don't blame you. But how could you get yourself onto the back of one? AAA Finance can help with motorbike finance tailored to exactly what you're after.

Benefits of owning a bike

The road is yours. Well, not literally. But of course you can really feel the road flying along beneath you when riding on the back of a fantastic piece of engineering. Being stuck in traffic could well be a thing of the past. And parking is certainly going to become more simple. Bikes fit just about anywhere, so you'll have no trouble finding a park when you do arrive at your destination - no doubt 20 minutes early because you left the traffic behind. They can also be extremely cost-effective when it comes to the daily commute.

Harley-Davidson's have more street appeal to some because of how loud those Screamin' Eagles can be!

Bikes are excellent on the open road as well, and corners are truly able to be felt when you get a real lean on heading into a tight bend. The same goes for a cruiser as well, such as a throaty Harley-Davidson. They tend to be slower through the corners, but have a lot more street appeal to some because of how loud those Screamin' Eagles can be!

In fact, a Motorcycle USA test found that Screamin' Eagles can be as loud as 104 decibels when being revved. That's even louder than standing less than 1.5 metres away from a jackhammer (95 decibels).

If you don't fancy the loud bikes, there are other options out there. The smaller, lighter options are great rivals for cars in terms of fuel efficiency and running costs. These benefits might pique the interest of some buyers looking to find their perfect bike.

3 Motorbike options

Below are three great examples of bikes that motorcycle finance could help you purchase:

1) Moto Guzzi Audace

Bike Point Australia reviewed the Moto Guzzi Audace, which sports a grunty 1380cc V-twin engine. Modelled off the Moto Guzzi California, the Audace takes more aggressive tuning and styling with it and the marque has thrown in a dark colour scheme to give it more 'cool'.


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In classic Italian motoring fashion, there are three different kinds of performance that can be selected while mounted on the back of this beautiful machine - Veloce, Turismo and Pioggia. Veloce is the fastest - it's the Italian word for 'fast'. Turismo is a touring mode and Pioggia offers softer throttle response for wet or tricky conditions.

With a maximum torque of 121 Nm and weighing in at just 299 kilograms, the Moto Guzzi Audace is a powerful bike that could be a lot of fun around some winding open Australian roads.

2) Yamaha MT-07 HO

The confusing name shouldn't put you off. The HO stands for 'high output' and that is backed up by some impressive performance figures.

The Yamaha MT-07 HO has a wet weight of only 179 kilograms. It has a lower torque than the Moto Guzzi Audace at 68 Nm, although for a sports bike that is expected. A 689cc engine is what speeds this rocket around. The advanced front and rear suspension will ensure any rider is comfortable for long periods of time.


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If you're wanting to really be in touch with the road as you ride, a raw bike such as the Yamaha MT-07 HO is a great option. Can't wait to get on top of this machine? Apply for pre-approved motorcycle finance today and you could be mere days away owning this bike.

3) Kawasaki H2

Far and away the fastest bike on this list, the Kawasaki H2 will have riders zooming around to their hearts' content. Sitting on a massive 998cc four-cylinder block that throws down 133 Nm of torque. This is a bike that weighs in at just 238 kilograms. It is sure to please those with a need for speed.

The supercharger will also provide some excitement. Keeping in line with other 1000cc super sport bikes, the Kawasaki H2 provides some serious exhilaration.

The colour will add to the flame of potential buyers. Mirror-coated Spark Black will shine for miles and miles of road. Meaning if they can't yet hear you coming, they'll be able to see you!

Ready to purchase? Motorbike Finance Options

There are 2 motorbike finance options. The first is secured motorbike finance. In this type of loan the bike is used a security against the loan. This reduces the interest rate charged. This type of loan is the most common way to finance a new or used bike purchase. If the bike is an older model or extensively modified then a unsecured personal motorbike loan may be the only finance option available. This type of loan is suitable for bikes that do fit within lending criteria.

Did you know that you can include accessories in your finance amount? Leathers, helmet, tail bags and top boxes can be added to your invoice.

Motorbike Finance Calculator

When starting to search for a new bike it is good to know your budget. Out motorbike finance calculator is on hand to do just that! Simply input your amount, loan term and approximate interest rate. A fortnightly and/or monthly repayment is generated. As you increase the loan term the repayment amount decreases. Choosing a longer term can be a smart move, especially when you know that extra repayments can be made at any time without penalty.

Apply for Motorbike Finance

Applying is easy! Either call the office or leave your details in an online form. Our friendly finance team is experienced, knowledgeable and ready to help. Get in touch with AAA Finance to see how their motorcycle finance can help you.

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