The top spots in Queensland to take your camper trailer

"Camping is the answer - who cares about the question."

If you are a keen camper and want to take your friends and family to some top camping spots, Queensland has some extraordinary places to park your camper trailer.

Australians love to camp in their own backyard and according to the Caravan Industry Association, they are spending $19 billion investing in RVs and trailers. According to the latest statistics, there are 586,000 registered RVs all across Australia and that industry is continuing to grow. It is becoming an increasingly popular way to travel and holiday.

Australians love to camp and some of the most beautiful spots are in Queensland.Australians love to camp and some of the most beautiful spots are in Queensland.

Tourism Research Australia also revealed that camper trailers are expected to be the fastest growing form of domestic travel for 2016 and 2017. With that in mind, here are some of the most stunning places you can take your camper trailer and make the most out of your camping experience:

Carnarvon Gorge

Queensland's Department of National Parks describes the beauty and attraction of the Carnarvon Gorge as "towering sandstone cliffs, diverse flora and fauna and beautiful Aboriginal rock art". Indigenous elder Fred Conway has dedicated most of his life to educating visitors to Carnarvon Gorge about the history of the incredible aboriginal art on the rocks. It is truly a remarkable experience and one of the many reasons campers flock to the National Park. 

People who camp tend to lead happier and healthier lives than non-campers.Camping in Australia's backyard and buying a camper trailer can be the answer to years of holiday fun.

Kroombit Tops National Park

Kroombit Tops National Park is one of the top spots to visit and camp but it has a unique attraction that summons visitors unlike any other. During WWII, a Liberator Bomber named "Beautiful Betsy" crashed into the jungle of Kroombit Tops and its remains were not discovered until 1994. It has become a powerful and emotional attraction, with people visiting to pay their respects and find out about the history of the crash.

Lake Somerset

Lakes, sunsets, it says it all. If you are wanting to be near water for your camping trip, then Lake Somerset is the place to be. For decades, Somerset has welcomed RVs, camper trailers and tents to this tourist destination. It becomes very popular during holidays, so make sure you book ahead to secure a spot in the perfect location. Lake Somerset is a skiers and wake boarder's paradise as well as having something for the keen angler and birdwatcher.

"Queensland - beautiful one day, perfect the next". To be a happy camper, talk to the team at AAA Finance about financing a camper trailer and start calculating and preparing for your next adventure.

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