Mary’s Story


Mary left a AAA Finance Testimonial because she came to apply for a personal loan for a family holiday.  Previously she had applied for finance online with a number of different companies - none of which contacted her directly to discuss her individual situation.  Not one of the companies were able to assist Mary with a personal loan and her finance applications were declined.  Because Mary had quite a number of credit enquiries it affected her credit report which ultimately affected the interest rate and loan terms that AAA could offer her.  Mary did not realise that applying online was affecting her credit file negatively. Although Mary did not go ahead with finance through AAA she did experience the AAA difference - great customer service!

AAA Finance Testimonial

Hi Belinda and Shaun,

I have decided not to take the loan.  I wish I knew earlier about applying for credit ( enquiries ) and how it affects my credit report.  Learnt my lesson.  I'm just going to wait for another year or so before I apply for credit again.

Thank you so much for your help.  Such a wonderful friendly staff.  I will recommend you to my family and friends.

Once again thank you Belinda & Shaun.

Kind Regards,

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