How to keep your horse and float safe

Australians use their free time for a range of different activities and interests, many of which require specialist equipment and safety processes. 

Horse ownership is just one example, demanding that keen equestrians take into consideration different transport and riding options to keep themselves and their prized animals safe. 

Like many hobbies, the equine variety can get expensive. However, options such as horse float finance ensure people have the required equipment. With that in mind, what's the key to staying safe in these situations?

1. Inspect your horse float

Horse floats need to be inspected both before a purchase and after regular intervals just like any vehicle or trailer. The Queensland Horse Council provided a handy fact sheet for people looking to make their first purchase.

A loaded horse float can weigh up to two tonnes.

The float in question must be roadworthy and registered at all times, as it can become a notable safety risk if these criteria are ignored. Some of the main considerations that are easy to check include whether the float's number plate is clearly visible, how effective the taillights are and if it is correctly registered.

Horse Talk also notes the importance of owning a capable tow vehicle, as the combination of a horse and float can weigh up to 2 tonnes.

In these cases, it might be wise to seek a new car loan to secure a vehicle that is up to the challenge. 

2. Wear the right equipment

Possessing the necessary safety equipment is essential to ensure both riders and their horses remain healthy and aren't being exposed to unnecessary risk. 

For horses, this includes everything from well-made saddles to the correct horse shoes. After all, if the animal isn't kept safe, it can pose undue harm to riders or spectators, not to mention the horse itself. 

Horse shoes are an important piece of safety equipment. Horse shoes are an important piece of safety equipment.

Riders also have access to a range of equipment that makes the activity a much safer one for all involved. A secured personal loan can help riders obtain high-quality riding gear at an affordable rate. 

3. Be aware of the risks

As with any potentially dangerous activity, it's important that people are familiar with any common risks and can keep on top of them. 

According to Safe Work Australia, there are a number of common hazards people need to be aware of before riding a horse for the first time. Horses are prone to getting frightened by cars, animals or loud noises, and if they slip or fall they can pose significant danger to themselves or other riders in the area. 

To find out what you need to do to secure horse float finance, fill out our quick loan enquiry on the sidebar to receive a prompt assessment of your eligibility. 

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