Novated Car Lease

A Novated Car Lease is a popular type of vehicle lease for employers and employees. It provides an alternative to the standard company car.  It allows the employee to take on the responsibility and control of the lease and associated benefits.  The monthly rental payments are made by the employer out of pre-tax salary. This enables an employee to select a vehicle that suits their lifestyle.

How does a Novated Car Lease work?

A Novated Lease is a three-way agreement between: the employer, the employee and the lease/finance company.  Novated leases operate in a similar way to a conventional lease.  The difference being that the employer takes on the payment obligations on the employee’s behalf.

The employer takes the rental payments from the employee’s pre-tax income.  This is a form of salary packaging.  Because payments come out of pre-tax income, novated leases often represent tax implications including FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax).  We recommend that taxation advice be sort from an accountant before any purchase decisions are made.

At the end of the lease agreement the vehicle remains in the control of the employee but all the obligations previously assumed by the employer now revert to the employee.  This also occurs if the employee changes jobs.

As with other car leases at the end of the loan term a residual value remains.  In most instances the employee has two options.  They can buy the car outright at a predetermined value.  Or they can pay off the residual value and walk away.

If an employee changes jobs, they can simply arrange to have their new employer take over the novated lease from the former employer.  The employee also has the option of refinancing the residual amount for an additional term.
Novated Car Lease

Types of Novated Car Leases

There are two main types of Novated Leases:

1. Fully Maintained Novated Lease.
2. Non Maintained Novated Lease.

Benefits of Novated Car Leases

  • Freedom of vehicle choice to suit your lifestyle.
  • Employer pays the lease with pre-tax dollars reducing your taxable income.
  • Repayments are made by your employer.
  • The vehicle and lease are in your name.
  • Can be used 100% for private use.
  • GST implications.  Your employer can claim an Input Tax Credit that effectively renders a Novated lease GST-free and they can pass the savings on to you.

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Useful Link

The Australian Taxation Office has information on tax implications of a novated car lease including FBT.


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