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With over 70 years combined experience in the finance industry we can get you the lowest interest rate and best camper trailer finance loan terms possible.

Easy Application for Camper Trailer Finance

A quick 5 minute application can be taken over the phone today.  Call (07)  5493 1222 to talk with one of our friendly and experience team members.

Or apply online using our quick loan enquiry form or pre-approval form and one of our  finance experts will call you.

Quick Camper Trailer Finance Approvals

We aim to have your Camper Trailer Finance approved within 24 hours!  Apply today so you can get out and explore our great country in the comfort of your new camper trailer.

Once your Camper Trailer Finance is approved we will organise the documents to be signed.

Competitive Low Interest Rates

We have access to a range of specialist lenders that finance camper trailers at competitive rates.  From this range of lenders we determine which one will suit  your individual financial circumstances the best.  This means that we can get you the cheapest interest rate possible.

Camper Trailer Finance Options

There are two options to finance your new camper trailer.  The first option is a secured camper trailer loan which is also know as a consumer camper trailer loan.  This type of loan is the most common way to purchase a new or used camper trailer for personal use.   A personal loan can also be arranged to finance a camper trailer.  This type of loan is usually used for older camper trailers.  Some lenders have restrictions on the age of the camper trailer they will finance.

Austrack Camper Trailer Finance

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