3 winter road trip destinations

Is the Australian winter getting you down? Have you just secured a car loan but think you need to wait until summer to make the most out of it? Think again. 

While the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers found that nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) of motorists would rather head out on road trips in the summer, there's still enough to keep drivers occupied in the winter. 

Whether you're looking to embrace the winter weather with harsh snowy conditions or flee to a sunnier part of the country, we've got a trip idea for you. Here are our top picks. 

Drive to the mountains in Victoria

Those brave enough to head to Victoria in the winter will surely be tough enough to tackle the state's snow-covered hilltops. The often freezing temperatures result in the perfect winter playground for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. 

From Mt Baw Baw to Mt Buller, there's a range of locations for you to embrace what Australia's colder months have to offer. Available activities include more than just skiing and snowboarding, so if you're still finding your feet in the winter weather you can try sledding or a mountain walk instead. 

Mt Donna Buang provides adventurers with a 21 metre tall viewing platform so adventurers can take in the scenery in peace. 

Stuart Highway

What if snow, ice and inclement weather isn't your thing but you're determined to take a holiday in the winter months? Embrace the solitude of the outback by taming the Stuart Highway. 

The 3000 kilometres of desert road take drivers from Adelaide to Darwin, a gruelling journey that will put both car and driver to the test.

It's a gruelling journey, but it isn't without its rewards. Along with all the fun side activities that populate the route, successful travellers get the bragging rights that come with conquering such a hostile landscape. 

Midwinter Christmas in NSW

The joy, food and family associated with Christmas doesn't have to be limited to December. After all, all the good Christmas movies paint a winter wonderland that Australians can't experience without going abroad. 

Thankfully, Yulefest in the NSW town of Katoomba has you covered, providing an annual midwinter Christmas festival so Australians can experience the holiday season the way our American brethren do. 

The festival promises snow, turkey and mince pies for all. We're not sure if Santa got the memo though, so you might still have to wait until December for your presents. 

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