3 cars representing affordable performance in 2016

With 2015 drawing to a close, most people around Australia will be turning their eyes to a month of summer sun and Christmas cheer. However, a select few will be looking past these events and into 2016, with the country's resident petrolheads wondering which vehicles will tempt them into securing a new car loan

As usual, there's been a range of exciting developments throughout 2015 that will emerge as fully fledged automobiles for the new year. One of the most appealing trends defining the next 12 months in the automotive industry, however, is affordable performance, meaning Australians no longer have to spend big money to secure fun cars. 

Here's three that will have you taking to the road with joy in the new year. 

1. Ford Focus RS

There's no shortage of options for drivers looking to buy a new Ford Focus, but there's only one that embraces the concept of "more bang for your buck". The "bang" in this case being a 2.3 litre turbocharged engine capable of producing 350 horsepower. 

The "buck" is still yet to be decided, but with an American price of just over US$35,000, it should be an affordable way to live out your rally fantasies once it hits Australian shores in 2016. 

Check out the video below to see rally superstar Ken Block put the machine through its paces. Maybe a secured personal loan could be put towards performance driving lessons to mimic his exploits?

2. Alfa Romeo Giulia

Those with a less brutish sense of style will probably lean away from the hard edges and violent acceleration of the Focus RS, so it's good news that a fresh Alfa Romeo sedan is finally on its way down under.

Drivers looking for a new family car or a sporty vehicle with a bit of extra space will be hard-pressed to come up with something as pretty as the new Alfa Romeo Giulia. Don't expect it to be all style and no substance either, as it's intended to rival the latest BMW M3, the dominating force in this market segment. 

3. BMW M2

Arguably the king of performance coupes, BMW has released a hotly anticipated sequel to the 1M of yesteryear in the form of the M2. 

The first-ever #BMW #M2 #Coupé.

A photo posted by BMW M GmbH (@bmwm) on

Sporting a twin-turbocharged inline-6, rear-wheel drive and the option of a manual transmission, the M2 take its place on the market as a serious driver's car. According to BMW, the vehicle embodies various elements from the brand's storied history, creating a tantalising fusion of analogue performance and digital refinement. 

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