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Horseback riding through the NSW

Getting a drivers licence is a universal sign of independence and freedom. If you have the ability to drive, you can go wherever you want as long as there's a road that leads to it. Truly, there is no feeling that compares to being behind the wheel of a car. That is unless, you're someone who knows how to ride a horse. This feeling of power is totally different – the bond and control you can have with one of these majestic beasts is next to none. 

There's really no better place than Australia to saddle up and explore the picturesque trails of NSW. And it just so happens that we have a couple of campsites and paths that you need to check out.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are the perfect place in NSW to start your horseback adventure. This area offers a number of horse riding experiences for people of all experience levels. But make no mistake, every trail is a breathtaking view of Australia. We're talking landscapes of everything from beautiful mountain ranges to lush valleys with streams. Take a guided tour or carve your own path – no matter what you're in for a treat. You can try as many trails as you like when you set up camp in one of the nearby parks and explore at your leisure.

There's no creature as free and powerful like the horse!There's no creature as free and powerful like the horse!

Port Stephens 

Looking for a horse riding experience that has a bit more romance to it? Port Stevens is an idyllic place to take your significant other as this destination provides scenic beachside horse rides. Here, you have the option to join a group or ride solo. Pack a picnic and spend the day gallivanting along the beaches and through the shallows! 

Snowy Mountains 

Don't worry, the Snowy Mountains aren't that cold – in fact, the horse riding trails fair much more on the greener side! Come see the high plains for yourself, it's a sight that might make you want to break away from the pack and gallop around at top speed! Trails in this area can take you as far away as the Kosciuszko National Park. If you're planning on spending the whole day trotting the trails, be sure to have a big meal before you leave camp.

Hitch your campervan (or rather, your horse trailer) to your car and let's get to these destinations and feel the real sensation of independence as you tackle these trails! Let us here at AAA Finance and Insurance take care of all your car and horsefloat financials so your horse riding trip goes without a hitch – give us a call today!